Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Health & safety and exemplary regulatory performance

Omya considers the health and safety of its employees and others working within its facilities a high priority. We regard accidents, injuries, occupational health and safety issues or environmental harm as being unacceptable, and continually strive to prevent them from happening.

We aim for safe and incident-free operations throughout the world. Omya considers regulatory compliance as a minimum requirement in its overall sustainability strategy.


Omya strives to have all its plants certified according to international quality, health & safety and environmental standards (ISO), as well as having our distributed products included within the certification.

Quality management system  multisite certification (ISO 9001)
Headquarters in Milano and all plants and quarries in Italy, from 1997

Environment management system multisite certification (ISO 14001)
All plants and quarries in Italy, from 2000

Health and Safety management system multisite certification (ISO 45001)
All plants and quarries in Italy, from 2011

CE Marking certification for building products (EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13139)
Plant of Nocera Umbra (PG) plant of Vipiteno (BZ), from 2011 | Plant of Avenza-Carrara (MS), from 2023

Energy management system multisite  certification (ISO 50001)
All Plants in Italy, from 2016

​​ GMP+ certification for animal feed products (GMP+)
Headquarters in Milano, dal 2022 

Integrated management systems

Quality, Safety, Health and Environment-Energy (QSHE) factors are integral to all business decisions, in all areas of activity and at all levels of managerial responsibility. Achieving our QSHE goals is the responsibility of the entire Omya workforce.​