Omya UK - Milestones
Omya UK started life in 1952 as Croxton+Garry as chemical distributor. For many years Croxton+Garry acted as UK distributor for the Melbourn Whiting Company, a company that was acquired by Plüss-Staufer AG (now Omya) in 1966. In 1979 Croxton+Garry was taken over by Plüss-Staufer AG, and the Melbourn Whiting Company became part of the new Croxton+Garry organisation.

In the 1980s the company diversified into chemical manufacturer and greatly expanded its distribution activities. Acquisitions made over recent years have strengthened the company's position as leading supplier of fine calcium carbonates as well as adding dolomite and talc to the company's comprehensive product portfolio.

Major Events in Omya UK's History 

  • 1952 Croxton+Garry Ltd founded.
  • 1966 Melbourn Whiting Company acquired by Plüss-Staufer AG. 
  • 1978 Head Office moved to Dorking, Surrey. 
  • 1979 Croxton+Garry acquired by Plüss-Staufer AG. 
  • 1982 Aberdeen tank farm built to supply marble slurries to the Paper Inustry in Scotland. 
  • 1984 Manufacture of predispersions for the Rubber Industry established at Cross Keys, South Wales. 
  • 1986 Ridham tank farm built to supply marble slurries to the Paper Inustry in South-East England. 
  • 1989 Acquistion of the Industrial Minerals Division of Blue Circle Industries. 
  • 1991 Derbyshire Stone limestone business acquired from the Tarmac Group. 
  • 1992 Technical Centre opened at Melton, Humberside. Humber chemical blending and repackaging plant comissioned. Laminox, a manufacturer of micaeous iron oxide, acquired from the Cooksons Group. 
  • 1994 Norwegian Talc Ltd acquired as a result of the Group acquiring Norwegian Talc AS from the Ernstrom Minerals Group. 
  • 1997 Company name changed to Omya UK. 
  • 1998 Eglinton Limestone, N.Ireland became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omya UK. 
  • 1999 Omya UK acquired the Lafarge Redland Industrial Minerals division from the Lafarge Group. UK distribution centre established at Trafford Park, Manchester. 
  • 2000 Calcium oxide business acquired from Speciality Minerals. 
  • 2002 Predispersion manufacture transferred from Cross Keys to Humber. Laminox business divested. 
  • 2005 Omya UK moves into its new purpose built head office in Derby. ​
  • 2010 Omya UK acquired the Fillite business from Trelleborg Offshore in April, 2010.
  • 2013 Closure of Derby Head Office and the transfer of Customer Services and Finance to Brussels.
  • 2013 The transfer of UK Head Office from Derby to Melton.