Innovative Product Highlights

Omya in food, pharma and cosmetics

The newest development coming out of R&D is the Pharma product line – an exciting new family of food and pharmaceutical-grade particles. These have been developed to play an outstanding role as a truly multifunctional excipient in pharmacology, as a carrier for controlled release in food and cosmetic applications and as an adjuvant in immunology, among other applications.


The development of porous particles with excellent adsorption and absorption properties is leading to developments with great benefits for waste water treatment. This enables the omission of polayacrylamides and derivatives as well as the replacement of aluminum compounds.

Omyasmart biocide enhancers

The use of biocides is subject to increasing regulatory limitations. More and more often the reduced maximum permissible values fall below the effective doses. This forces industries to replace their standardised biocides

Omyasmart Biocide enhancers are compounds with no biocide activity on their own. However, they increase the activity of biocides which results in a decreased required quantity.

Omyasmart biocide free Preservation

Omyasmart Biocide Free Preservation are product preservation concepts without the need for biocides. A mix of harmless chemical compounds changes the microbial environment in product, making it unsuitable for microbial growth and spoilage.

Omyasmart RASOS- a detection system for plant pathogenic fungi

Monocultures in agriculture are highly susceptible for diseases, manly caused by fungi. For treatment usually broad spectrum fungicides are used, without knowledge of the causative agent. Knowing the target pathogen would avoid inadequate treatment and consequently reduce the need of fungicide.