Paper & Board

Production – paper & board

  • The application of mineral fillers into paper and board is one of Omya's core competencies. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we are able to meet our customer's needs and help them to thrive in the future
  • With the help of the latest techniques and methods, we strive to support you in the development of the most cost-effective paper or board product that meets the requirements of your final manufactured product

Products in use

  • Calcium carbonate is the most important inorganic pigment for most of today's paper and board grades. To a lesser extent, other inorganic pigments such as clay, talc, silica and others are also used. These pigments are retained within the paper structure with the help of synthetic or natural retention systems
  • Increasing the mineral loading in paper or board products helps to save fiber. This can lead to a faster dewatering of the web in the forming and pressing sections of the paper machine, resulting in improved drying which could lower production costs or increase production capacity

Calcium Carbonate for paper & board

The Hydrocarb product family has numerous qualities associated with high-brightness ground calcium carbonates (GCC) for almost all paper and board applications – both for filling and coating.

This product family incorporates all dry or dried-ground calcium carbonates. The products are offered in bulk or in large bags as well as water-soluble paper bags for easy handling. Drycarb grades are characterised by their low anionic charge, easy storage, excellent shelf life and improved transport costs.

These special pigments are tailor-made to meet the special demands of SC grades, such as smoothness and gloss.

Omya Syncarb
Omya's precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) are designed to meet the specific needs of every customer and are used in nearly every paper or board grade. Whether aragonitic, rhombohedric or scalenohedric PCCs, or for on-site or off-site use – Omya always supplies the right quality.

Auxiliary chemicals
Specialty Pigments

For example:

  • Albemarle Pergopak – a specialty filler used in paper and board for enhanced brightness and higher opacity, as well as improved printability.
  • The platy and high-bright products Martifin and Martifill from Albemarle are aluminum hydroxides used as a TiO2 extender, amongst others.

Dispersing agents
Coatex TOPSPERSE is a specifically adapted polyacrylate dispersing agent.

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