Community Issue Team

​Working collaboratively with the community to identify issues, address concerns and answer questions is an important part of Omya’s operational practices. We are committed to open and transparent communication. To strengthen the dialogue between Omya and its neighbors a Community Issue Team was formed.

Community Issue Teams are a forum to work with area neighbors on issues that matter to them. The teams join members from the local community and employees from Omya, who are familiar with the company’s operations, around the specific area of issues raised by the local residents.

In 2007, three Issue Teams were formed to allow discussion around distinct concerns. The Trucks and Transportation Issue Team focused on understanding local residents’ concerns regarding truck and rail traffic around the Omya Verpol facility in Florence. The Plant Issue Team focused on identifying and addressing concerns related to the Verpol facility, and the Quarry Issue Team focused on the operational impacts of Omya’s Hogback Quarry.

An independent survey of all Issue Team members and Omya staff was conducted at the end of 2008 by CLF Ventures. The assessment deemed it best to merge the separate groups into one team to improve the process and more efficiently address local issues. In March 2009, the three Community Issue Teams (Plant, Trucks and Transportation, and Quarry) merged into one larger “Community Issue Team.”

Community representatives on the combined Issue Team are: Sharon Carpenter, David Mills, John Haverstock, Jon Keith, John Lapre, Dave Markowski, Bev Peterson, Bonnie Stewart, VT Representative Butch Shaw and VT Senator Peg Flory. Representatives from Omya are: Wayne Wilmans, Louis Gaudreau, Michael Laurent, Dennis Carroll and Heather Fowler.

We will continue to work closely with members of our community. If you have questions or would like to share your ideas or concerns about Omya, its processes, practices or development projects, please contact us directly through the Contact Us page or call our 24 hours automated Community Feedback Line at 802-770-7644. We welcome your input.



Community Issue Team