Omya products at the top of Maltkornsmästaren

In 2018 the competition Maltkornsmästaren was conducted at Tolefors outside Linköping in Östergötland. Extreme weather conditions this year resulted in none of the 33 teams reached the malt grain quality, not even the reference line with a nitrogen fertilizer of 0 kilograms of N. Nevertheless, there are many interesting findings from the competition!

Second highest harvest for the Svenka Foder team with several granulated Omya products

Looking at the harvest level, Svenska Foder´s team with 7910 kg/ha got second highest harvest. Beaten with less than 1%. Svenska Foder was one of in total four teams in the competition that choose to use the granulated Omya products Calciprill® and Magnum 12 Granul.

Some of the contestants tell us about their thoughts about the usage of granulated lime early in the year. First, Stefan Olsson from Svenska Foder. A good start for the crop is extremely important, while the nutritional supply should be good. The team used Calciprill® 700 kg/ha and Magnum 12 Granul 300 kg/ha between sowing and sprout.

- We invested in getting mikronutrients, a good pH and a balanced K/Mg quota and we believe that granulated Calciprill® and Magnum 12 Granul have been strongly contributing to the good growth, says Stefan.

Also, Mattias Laitamaa participated in the team. He has a lot of experience with liming in potato cultivation and from experiences in Finland, where there is a lot of talk about the importance of calcium. He tells us that the 2 first plant analyzes in the competition showed that Svenka Foder´s crop was at the forefront of biomass growth. A sign that it thrived and had a balanced good supply of nutrients.

Team Finland praise granulated lime
Team Finland – former winner of the Wheat competition – combined Calciprill® 100kg/ha at seeding. Fredrik Bodin, one of the team members says they saw from the soil analysis that it was a clay soil but with a little weak pH. They choose Calciprill® to achieve a better pH and a better soil structure which was perfect in combination. He is pleased that it’s now possible to easily spread the lime with the fertilizer and get instant effect:

- Yes, we would have loved to spread the lime the year before, but now we got the chance with Calciprill® instead!

Lime and its effect on lump disease might be most interesting for oil seed cultivation. Here Calciprill® S 14 is perfect and at the same time it gives a good sulfur supply. Also, the team from Lantmännen “VäxtRåd & Växtline” as well as Scandinavian Seed choose to use Calciprill® and Magnum 12 Granul.


Interview with Stefan Olsson, crop advisor at Svenska Foder, who tells us about the advantages with Omya Calciprill® and Magnum 12 Granul



Several field walks were conducted where the Swedish plant cultivation elite and malt grain experts gathered with great interest.