Magnum 12 Granul

  • Magnum 12 Granul is a 2-6 mm granule made from very finely ground (0-0,1 mm) Dolomite. 
  • It gives several advantages such as easy application with a standard fertilizer, rapid liming effect and high precision in the field.
  • Magnum 12 Granul is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium. Allowed to be used in KRAV-certified and organic production.
  • Content: Calcium 20%, Magnesium 12%. Acid neutralizing effect: NV CaO 51%


Advantages of Magnum12 Granul

  • Simple. Apply whenever it's best for you.
  • Fast. The granules are smaller than in other liming products resulting in faster resolution and instant pH-adjustment, which means improved nutrient absorption in plants
  • Precision. Magnum 12 Granul can be used in precision agriculture and spot treatment in areas with low pH and need of magnesium

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