Team Omya takes part in the fight for the oilseed rape champion title!

The competition "Rapsmästaren 2020" is in full swing. It´s about achieving the highest winter oilseed rape harvest in the competition field outside Trelleborg. Of course Omya participates. In total 40 teams from 7 countries compete for the honorable title - one of them is Team Omya!

Jeppa Olanders is the team leader for Team Omya:

- We are a wonderful group of people that works with agriculture in different ways. It´s truly challenging and fun to exchange ideas and compare us both within the team and with the other contestants. Increadibly educational and inspiring!

The competition field was sown on August 21, 2019 with finish in autumn 2020. In total the teams have 12 occassions to boost the winter oilseed rape with the best recipe.

- We care about the right amount of seeds, keep track of pests etcetera, but believe that it is with the little extra that we should get a really good harvest, and of course Omya Calciprill® S 14 has a strong role here, Jeppa says.

It is obvious for Omya to be involved in the development of agriculture and cultivation competitions are an inspiring element. Mats Rydberg at Omya looks enthusiastically forward to the competition:

- We want to learn from colleagues both at home and internationally and at the same time contribute with our experience. We have great products like Omya Calciprill® and Omya Calciprill® S 14 with sulphur, that both we and other teams use. We are looking forward to an exciting competition year!


Ulf Danielsson, one of the participants in Team Omya. Here by the team's plot on the field walk that took place in the competition field on October 3 , 2019.

- Winter oilseed rape has a great potential that we will try to pick up in our part of the competition and here Omya Calciprill® S 14 is an obvious choice. It is really inspiring to meet other crop enthusiasts and exchange ideas and experiences, Ulf says.

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