Lime in focus in agriculture magazine

In edition 3 2019 of the Svenska Foder magazine called "Tidningen" the importance of liming in Swedish agriculture is raised.

Johanna Öwall, product sales manager West at Svenska Foder, emphasizes in an article the importance of balanced fertilizing including accurate pH and the importance of liming the soil. She recommends Omya Calciprill® and Omya Magprill® for fast and easy pH-adjustment for problem areas in the field.

Mats Rydberg from Omya also talks about the importance of lifting the weakest spots in the field - those who reduce the harvest more than the best spots raise the harvest.

    - Fill up a fertilizer, drive across the field and spread 600-1000 kg/ha Omya Calciprill® on these spots, Mats advises.


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