Omya Calciprill® S 14

​Omya Calciprill® S 14 is a 2-6 mm granule which is easily spread with a standard fertilizer.

Omya Calciprill® S 14 adds both calcium and sulfur. If your soil is rich of humus or a light soil the risk of calcium deficiency grows. Crops sensitive for deficiency is legumes and potatoes. Also onion, carrots and cabbage are sensitive for calcium deficiency , particularly during the growth period. To keep a constant nutritional balance in the soil Omya Calciprill® S 14 can be used on a regular basis in smaller doses, and compensate for the calcium and sulfur which is lost during harvest.

Advantages of Omya Calciprill® S 14

  • Granules breaks down rapidly in dew and rain
  • Efficient source of sulfur and calcium, essential elements for plant growth
  • Enables accurate placement of product with minimal loss to dust drift
  • Effective in precision agriculture and spot treatment
  • Easy to use with your own spreader and allows a more flexible operation


Anders Björkheim, Virestad Prästgård, tells us about his experiences with Omya Calciprill® S 14 in ley



See the interview with Henrik Nilsson, Henriksfält, when he talks about the benefits of using Omya Calciprill® and Omya Calciprill®S 14.


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