The Omya Fillite business is part of Omya UK which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Omya AG whose headquarters are in Oftringen, Switzerland. Omya Fillite is responsible for the procurement, processing and distribution of cenospheres on a worldwide basis to meet the requirements of the Omya Group.

Extracted from the pulverised fuel ash of coal-fired power stations cenospheres are hollow alumino-silicate microspheres.
Omya Fillite oversees the collection and processing of cenospheres through to a quality tested finished product delivered to our customers. Omya Fillite cenosphere products are produced on a worldwide basis which allows the business to service customers in a cost efficient manner directly through local Omya sales companies or well established distributors. The development of the Omya Fillite cenospheres product range now sees sales of cenospheres in many countries throughout the world.

Omya Fillite is supported by a dedicated team of experienced staff based in the United Kingdom who have worked in the Omya Fillite business for many years.

For cenospheres – think Omya Fillite!