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Omya is a leading global producer of essential minerals and a worldwide distributor of specialty materials. 

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Making life better through our passion for minerals and chemistry

For 140 years, we have had a positive influence on people’s lives, developing solutions to everyday challenges that are practical, efficient and sustainable. 

Our company purpose, “Making life better through our passion for minerals and chemistry” unites our 9,000 employees around the world. From the scientists in our innovation labs to the engineers overseeing our production plants and the teams working with customers day in day out, we are always Thinking of Tomorrow and how we can improve life for current and future generations. This often means finding ways of helping our customers become more sustainable, by reducing their carbon footprint, optimizing their use of resources, minimizing waste, improving circularity or protecting the environment. 

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Preventing heart disease for millions

Magnesium deficiency has been identified by the world health organization as a significant public health issue. Omya’s remineralization products add essential magnesium to drinking water supplies, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Gottfried Plüss-Staufer founded our business in Oftringen, Switzerland, where our head office remains today. He began producing glazier’s putty: combining fine chalk with linseed oil to create the consistent, high-quality putty required to serve the new fashion for sheet glass windows. Success led to production plants across Europe and a determination to identify how natural minerals could be used to improve the performance of other products and processes.

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That focus still drives us today. Our scientists work closely with customers to identify and solve future challenges, whether it’s reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, safeguarding public health through cleaner air and water, or helping reduce the carbon footprints of a host of every-day products and materials. 

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The use of calcium carbonate in the form of chalk, limestone or marble has been the foundation of our success. Omya now operates in more than 50 countries, selling our own natural mineral products as well as a carefully curated range of specialty chemicals. We support customers in markets including construction, paper and board​, polymers​, food, ​personal and home care, as well as agriculture, water and energy production.

Protecting precious manuscripts for a lifetime

Whether it’s your child’s first scribble or a Harry Potter first edition, you want it to last. Back in 1965, Omya’s innovation enabled the first production of acid-free paper, which lasts for hundreds of years, compared with acid papers which can break down after only 30 years.

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Taking care of the way we behave

Our reputation is important to us. As a privately owned business, we are proud of the way our people relate to customers, partners and each other. Our company culture is driven by our values of modesty, courtesy, integrity and perseverance, which are reflected in our behavior wherever we operate.

We are always looking for people who share our values and are keen to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference.

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Values for life not just work

Omya’s values are fundamental to our success and critical in attracting the right people to join our team. Courtesy, modesty, integrity and perseverance are values that serve our people well in their personal lives as well as at work.

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Working with Omya

Customers rely on Omya for a comprehensive range of high-quality products, backed up by exceptional customer service, regulatory advice and quality control. Our distribution principals trust us to support their brands and product portfolios with technical expertise and a deep understanding of their markets.

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Regulatory compliance is essential for many of the markets we serve. Our specialist regulatory department monitors global developments to ensure that our products comply with the unique requirements of each application and region.

Our global quality standards ensure that our production plants around the world supply products of the same reliable consistency and quality. Our worldwide logistics department works closely with our distribution partners and manufacturing plants to manage efficient deliveries to almost 80 countries.

Essential information for suppliers

It is important to us to have open, transparent relationships with our suppliers. We have set out clear policies and processes to make working with Omya as straightforward as possible.  

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