Thinking of Tomorrow to meet the needs of future generations.

For 140 years, Omya has focused on meeting the needs of current and future generations through our expertise in natural minerals. Since our first innovation combining fine chalk with linseed oil to make high quality putty for glass windows, Thinking of Tomorrow has been a fundamental building block in our success. Our Horizon Framework for innovation allows us to focus efforts on short-, medium- and longer-term challenges. 

Horizon 1 - Technical support for customers

Our regional technical teams work on solutions to immediate customer problems, supporting process efficiencies and developing functionalities to improve their end products. This daily effort supports our customers and leads to ongoing innovation in our product ranges. 

Stable mineral slurries for long-term storage

Omya’s scientists have developed high solids mineral slurries that maintain a homogenous suspension for more than three months without the need for mixing or recirculation. This makes storage simpler, reduces handling and maintenance, and improves product utilization for customers.


Horizon 2 - Development programs

With more than a hundred scientists working in our innovation hubs on three continents, and collaborative relationships with academia and business startups, Omya has a strong global innovation pipeline. Our 3 – 5 year development programs focus on the versatility and potential of natural minerals to improve sustainability, functionality and compatibility for market applications. 

Innovative surface treatment for polymer compatibility

Calcium carbonate brings an array of advantages to polymers and plastics, from breathability to rigidity, heat resistance to dimensional stability. Omya’s innovative functional surface treatments enable its compatibility with plastics, making a significant difference to the manufacture, cost and performance of plastic products.


Horizon 3 - Solving future challenges

At Omya, cross-functional teams focus on solving the long-term issues facing our planet and society. We consider the effects of climate change, population density and resource deficit and ask ourselves, “What do we need to do today to be ready for tomorrow?” 

Our purpose is to make life better through our passion for minerals and chemistry. We are bringing this to life by using our expertise to solve the challenges of the future.

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