Reporting line

Your protected misconduct reporting channel

Safe reporting platform

Omya's whistleblowing channel allows employees and third parties to anonymously report any concerns or wrongdoings they observe. This channel, available in several languages, is designed to provide a safe and secure platform for employees and third parties to speak up without fear of retaliation and ensure that all reports are thoroughly investigated and addressed in a timely manner.


All reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Make a report 

Visit our Whistleblower Site to quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company for the well-being of people. Access the site via below QR Code.


All reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. You can remain anonymous if you wish so. For more information, visit the Privacy Policy section in the Whistleblower Site.

Secure inbox

Access your secure inbox to communicate with our Whistleblower Team and to respond further questions.

Whistleblowing directive

The Code of Conduct Policy as well as a more detailed Whistleblowing Directive outline objective, process, responsibility and governing principles in detail.

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