Global Compliance Center


The Omya Global Compliance Center offers essential resources aimed at ensuring transparency and adhering to compliance standards across multiple jurisdictions around the world.

Compliance at Omya

At Omya, our Ethics and Compliance function ensures the effective implementation of our compliance strategy through a comprehensive program. This program is designed to protect our business, create an environment for ethical behavior and manage compliance risks across the Group. Key components of our program include the identification, assessment and mitigation of compliance risks as well as continuous training and education.

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Business Partners

We rely on strong business partners who comply with the law, respect the environment and human rights to contribute to our sustainable growth. Our business partners must acknowledge and comply with the Omya Business Partner Code of Conduct or have standards of their own that at a minimum adheres to the principles laid out in the Omya Business Partner Code of Conduct to ensure responsible supply chain management. Adherence to our Business Partner Code of Conduct is a significant part of how we approach Business Partner selection and evaluation.


Data Privacy

At Omya, protecting personal data is a top priority, and we maintain strict compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations. For any data protection inquiries or concerns, please contact

Reporting line

Omya's reporting channel allows employees and third parties to anonymously report any concerns or wrongdoings they observe.


This channel, available in several languages, is designed to provide a safe and secure platform for employees and third parties to speak up without fear of retaliation and ensure that all reports are thoroughly investigated and addressed in a timely manner. All reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Code of conduct

Learn more about our code of conduct for Omya employees and business partners.

Omya Code of Conduct

Business Partner Code of Conduct