Essential information for our suppliers, vendors and contractors.

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It is important for us to have open, transparent relationships with our suppliers and vendors, working in partnership for mutual success. We recognize the crucial role you play in our supply chain and your direct impact on our business practices. We have set out clear policies and processes to make working with Omya as straightforward as possible.  

Your sustainability commitment

Omya has ambitious sustainability goals which can only be delivered with the support of our supply chain. We expect our vendors and suppliers to share our commitment to sustainability and actively work towards minimizing environmental impact. This means promoting responsible sourcing of materials, adopting eco-friendly practices, and continuously seeking ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

A comprehensive Code of Conduct

Omya has set out a clear, comprehensive Business Partners Code of Conduct that explicitly prohibits the use of child labor, discrimination, harassment, mobbing, and any other forms of abusive or exploitative labor practices. We expect all our suppliers to uphold principles of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring a safe and respectful working environment for their employees.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance and expect a similar commitment from our suppliers. You must fully comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and international trade requirements, actively detecting and preventing any illegal behavior or corrupt practices within your organizations.

Open and transparent communication

We work collaboratively with our suppliers and vendors, solving problems together.  It is therefore important that we maintain clear and honest lines of communication, take responsibility for any shortcomings and address any concerns or issues promptly so that they are resolved quickly and effectively.

Continuous improvement

We embrace a culture of continuous improvement in our operations, products, and services and encourage our suppliers and vendors to do the same. Let’s actively seek opportunities to enhance performance, promote innovation, and contribute to the overall sustainability goals of our partnership.

By setting these high expectations for ourselves and our suppliers, we aim to establish a network of trusted partners who share our values and actively contribute to the sustainable growth and success of our business. Together, we can build a responsible and ethical supply chain that aligns with our commitment to creating a better future for current and future generations.