Omya's procurement process: A guide for suppliers

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Thank you for being or becoming a supplier to Omya. We recognize the importance of open, fair, collaborative relationships with our suppliers and have put together this guide to help the process be as efficient and straightforward as possible. It will give you a clear understanding of our procurement process and the expectations we set for ourselves and our supply partners. 

Define your services

A crucial first step in our procurement process is the clear definition and description of the products or services you offer. We recommend providing comprehensive specifications and any relevant documentation pertaining to your products or services. Omya's functional experts will review these specifications to ensure compliance and suitability with our requirements.

Identify and Select Suppliers

At Omya, we use a robust procurement strategy to select suppliers which considers various factors, including quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Depending on the specific category and value, we may request quotations from nominated suppliers through our Request for Quotation (RFQ) process. The quotes received will undergo a thorough validation process, and the supplier will be chosen based on predefined selection criteria and a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model, enabling an objective comparison of supplier offers.

Ordering Process

Should your quotation be accepted, Omya will proceed with the necessary steps to finalize the terms and conditions of the agreement. To ensure compliance with relevant regulations and Omya's high standards, the agreement will undergo a formal review. Please do not initiate the delivery of materials or services until you have received a Purchase Order (PO) or a formal agreement that clearly specifies volumes and delivery requirements. Including the PO number on delivery papers and invoices is essential to ensure a smooth Purchase to Pay (P2P) process.

Monitoring and Receipt

Omya is committed to maintaining a comprehensive and efficient P2P process. We are grateful for the support of all our suppliers in helping ensure this process runs smoothly:

  • Order Confirmation: Upon receipt of a PO, please promptly provide Omya with an order confirmation, confirming your commitment to fulfil the order.
  • On-Time Delivery: It is important that you supply the ordered goods or services as per the agreed-upon schedule. In the event of any changes, please tell us immediately and forward a new order confirmation.
  • Quality and Quantity Control: Omya undertakes thorough verification of the quality and quantity of received goods or services. We encourage our suppliers to collaborate with our team to swiftly address any claims or issues that may arise.

For help with invoicing or purchase terms and conditions, please refer to the information provided in the following links:


Purchase terms and conditions


Thank you for being or becoming a valued supplier to Omya. We are pleased to be working with you and appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our procurement process. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our procurement team.