Technical Polymer Applications

Mineral modifiers such as the calcium carbonate and dolomite produced by Omya significantly enhance processes and improve mechanical properties in numerous plastics applications. 

To meet the exacting demands of its customers, Omya focuses on top-quality advice and a wide selection of both mineral and chemical raw materials. Together, we discuss the desired property profile and look for a suitable combination of components, always with the objective of finding the best possible solution. 

Omya's experience and wealth of knowledge benefit those who choose to work with us. Omya's technical support staff and technical facilities will help you find the optimal solution to suit your needs. 

We promote the use of calcium carbonate in both existing and new applications. Investigating new derivatives of calcium carbonate as well as processing technologies allow Omya to "push the boundaries" of existing application areas. 

As the largest global manufacturer of calcium carbonate, we have a vested interest in ensuring that the benefits of calcium carbonate are communicated to all stakeholders in the supply chain – especially to brand owners and retail communities. 

Complementing our calcium carbonate range is our wide and diverse specialty chemicals business, which represents many multinational chemical and resin manufacturers.

​​Omya's Product Portfolio

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