Plasters & Joint Fillers

​Plasters are used for both decorative and functional purposes. Textured plasters require mineral particles with a mean diameter of up to 7 mm and high brightness to meet the aesthetic demands of customers. In order to protect buildings from damage, the plaster should act as a water barrier yet also allow water vapor to evaporate at the same time.

Other products such as primers and fillers are used to prepare the wall surface for subsequent treatment. Operators require materials to be crack-resistant and have good sanding properties to help them work with rough surfaces.

These demanding requirements are achieved by selecting the right quantity and balance of fine and coarse mineral particles.

Natural calcium carbonate is an ideal mineral for developing products that meet these specific requirements. The nodular particle shape of natural calcium carbonate offers good workability and enhances the application properties. It also improves the hardness and mechanical properties of the films.

The available products range from powder to granules and offer different particle size distributions. The customer therefore has a wide range of options for selecting the ideal mineral fillers for any application. In addition, a variety of specialty chemicals is available through Omya to provide further value for this market.

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