​The high purity natural Calcium Carbonate from Omya offers many advantages in toothpaste formulas. Omyacare does not only provide the desired cleaning effect but also stabilizes the acidic pH of the mouth protecting teeth from acidic attacks.

In addition, the bright white color and texture of Omyacare® makes the difference in the final formula.


Omyacare® meets the desired abrasivity level in your formulation








Excellent cleaning performance

Omyacare® range fits the exact needs in formula. Omyacare is available in different particle sizes, an advantage that together with Omya's expertise both guarantee the achievement of the exact desired cleaning effect and abrasivity level in final formulas.

Texture & mouthfeel

Omyacare®, at the recommended concentration and right combination of grades, is suitable for adjusting organoleptic properties such as texture, color, opacity and viscosity besides cleaning performance, in order to meet the customer's needs.