Dedicated calcium carbonate grades for breathable film applications with excellent performance in compounding and film-production. 

Omyafilm: A comfortable solution

Omyafilm is an innovative mineral modifier and dedicated calcium carbonate that offers significant benefits for breathable films.


It is a cost-effective solution for moisture management and your solution where breathability is crucial for user comfort, such as:

  • Diapers

  • Medical and hygiene items 

  • Roofing

  • Medical gowns 


Maintain high quality even at high output rate

Omyafilm acts as a functional mineral component, offering improved process control, reduced defect rates, and balanced membrane properties.


This delivers higher film quality with optimal breathability, increased processability, higher water vapor transmission rate, and superior mechanical properties at high output rate. 

polymers omyafilm

Excellent processing performance

Omyafilm grades are designed to provide superior processing performance under common cast or blown film extrusion manufacturing conditions.


Formulations need to be adapted to the chosen process and required film properties.


Stretching can be in line with the film extrusion but can also be performed offline. Often a machine direction orientation (MDO) line is used for creating the microvoids.


Alternatively intermeshing or interdigitation stretching (ring rolling) may be used.

SEM-  micro-graph of a breathable film in top view - 1

Benefits of Omyafilm

  • High purity raw material, approved and certified for use, endorsed by brand owners

  • Excellent mineral dispersion

  • Excellent processibility 

  • Fine-tuned breathability combined with high level film mechanical properties

  • Technical experts to support compounders and converters globally, with product development and process optimization

  • Globally available

Technical support

We offer solutions with proprietary Omya technology for all regions and applications. Our technical experts will support you at your site, from our regional labs, and with our MDO line.


We focus on breathable films by expanding our product offerings geographically as well as by developing solutions for future needs.

Bringing sustainability into breathable films

Calcium carbonate is a natural, renewable mineral used as a mineral modifier material in breathable films. Incorporating calcium carbonate allows producers to reduce the amount of virgin polymer in the process.


The inherent natural occurrence of calcium carbonate eliminates the need for energy-intensive chemical production, releasing fewer Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) than virgin polymer production.


To establish robust data for lifecycle analyses, the IMA, a prominent industrial mineral organization based in Europe, has conducted an autonomous assessment of the emissions associated with producing various grades of calcium carbonate. 


These calculations are specifically for industries involved in plastic processing and are based on the energy mix prevalent within the European EU27 region.

Low carbon footprint of 300kg of CO2 equivalents per ton of surface treated natural ground calcium carbonate


Omya is the leading global producer of calcium carbonate for the plastics industry and offers engineered Omyafilm grades for breathable films globally.