OmyaFeed C MgO 

Combined mineral nutrition and rumen buffer for optimized feed formulations.

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Why should I use OmyaFeed C MgO?

OmyaFeed C MgO is an advanced formulation, compacted feed supplement for ruminants and horses. It is manufactured from natural, finely ground minerals to provide a readily bio-available source of the essential nutrients, calcium and magnesium. OmyaFeed C MgO has a buffering effect on rumen pH, reducing the likelihood of ruminal acidosis caused by feeding high concentrate diets and stressful environmental conditions. 

The benefits of OmyaFeed C MgO 

  • Palatable source of calcium and magnesium  
  • Effective management of ruminal acidosis (SARA) due to buffering capacity
  • Low dust compacted formulation allows uniform incorporation in feed mix
  • Proven bioavailability thanks to micronized, highly soluble particles
  • Lower volumes required create space in the feed mix

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

“I decided to switch my rumen buffering product to OmyaFeed C MgO. The results I observed were quite positive. Milk parameters and the general condition of the herd improved. After incorporating OmyaFeed into the TMR, milk yield increased on average by 1 liter per cow per day!”


        - Mr. Michał Sobczak, Dairy Cow Farm Owner from the Wielkopolska region, Poland

What is OmyaFeed C MgO?

OmyaFeed C MgO is an advanced formulation feed supplement, made from micronized ground calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. It offers farmers an effective preventative or curative solution for sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and mineral deficiencies in intensively farmed dairy cows and other ruminants. 

 ElementTypical Value
Chemical analysisCaC0375%
 Before granulationAfter granulation
Particle sizing 0 - 100 micron1 - 5 micron
Bulk density1.2 g/ml 

How does OmyaFeed C MgO reduce the incidence of SARA? 

OmyaFeed C MgO protects herd health by suppressing SARA. It buffers rumen pH to the optimal level with magnesium oxide and provides readily available, essential calcium and magnesium nutrition. 


It has been developed in conjunction with animal nutrition specialists to be effective when fed at lower quantities than other buffers, leaving space in the ration for other materials. 

SARA explanation illustration 

“It is beneficial for us to include such a product in our portfolio, helping us differentiate from our competitors and also providing a good solution to our customers.”


        - Mr. Ladislav Karas, CEO at VEBOR, Czech Republic. 

How is OmyaFeed C MgO incorporated into the ration?

OmyaFeed C MgO is a low dust, compacted product with excellent  flowability, which mixes easily in the total mixed ration (TMR) without segregation or settling. It is highly palatable and can be fed in low dosage as part of a concentrated feed mix or added to silage.

available space in the ration chart 

How does OmyaFeed C MgO compare with other rumen buffers? 

OmyaFeed C MgO will buffer optimal pH with less than half the dose  required for alternative buffers. This enables farmers to either enhance the feed formulation with additional materials or reduce the overall cost of the feed. 

IRTA comparison chart 

What results can I expect with OmyaFeed C MgO?

OmyaFeed C MgO has been subjected to extensive trials, both in the laboratory and in a farm situation. 

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