Compliant, cost effective air treatment

Omya supplies market-leading sorbent-based minerals to treat air emissions from energy production (biomass, coal, waste to energy) and other industrial processes. Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance and improve process efficiency.

SOremoval in energy production


Omya supplies Calcium Carbonate in a range of particle sizes and reactivities to deliver the best technical and economic performance to scrubbers operated by coal power plants, biomass plants and waste-to-energy plants. The purity and controlled characteristics of our sorbents provide by-products, such as gypsum, of higher quality and value.

SO2 removal in energy production

Improved industrial performance

Omya provides best-in-class minerals to reduce the acidic emissions of ceramics, refractory and bricks manufacturers. We collaborate with engineering companies around the world to improve  performance, for example we have developed a superior dry scrubber solution for paint overspray in the automotive industry.


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Slag control and heat transfer

Omya leads the industry in producing calcium and magnesium additives to reduce slag formation while improving heat transfer in boilers, furnaces and kilns. Working directly with customers and engineers, we create solutions that improve operational performance.

slag formation reduction

Better air quality from marine scrubbers

Omya with its partners serves the marine shipping market through its unique global supply chain. Our unrivalled expertise in slurry production and our network of manufacturing plants enable us to deliver industry-leading mineral additives for closed and hybrid scrubbers, helping ships to comply with new international air treatment regulations.

marine shipping vessel

Global Distribution Services

Omya is a trusted partner for the global environmental solutions industry. Discover our expertise in specialty materials distribution and other tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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