Improve the quality of your foaming applications

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Improve the quality of your foaming applications

Omya's solutions offer a significant edge in foaming applications for building materials, allowing an increase in filler content and improved profitability. Our Omyafoam grades are designed to optimize the production process and enhance the final product quality.

Increase profitability and adjust foam density of PUR foams

For PUR foams, Omya calcium carbonate is available in a range of particle size distribution. This allows optimization of the process and the cell structure.


Omyafoam can be added  to enhance foam nucleation, reduce foam density and improve cost efficiency .


Our specialists will help PUR foam manufacturers and system producers to select the right product to achieve the best dispersion for homogeneous cell size distribution, with the highest possible addition rates for high profitability.


Balance mechanical properties and density in PVC foam application

In PVC foam application, calcium carbonate is used in high concentrations for products such as profiles, decking, siding, foam-core PVC pipe, foam boards, and skirting boards.


At high filler loads, it is important to choose the right calcium carbonate to maintain the required balance between mechanical properties and density.


Our innovative Omyafoam products can help you to achieve this, with our latest development producing a foam that is lighter than any foam currently available on the market.

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  • Total formulation cost savings
  • Significant reduction of carbon footprint
  • Enhanced foamability and uniformity of the foam cells 
  • Fine-tuned foam density according to application requirements
  • Increased production line-speed at high quality

High filler loads have positive impact on carbon footprint

At 300 kg CO2 equivalent, the addition of calcium carbonate in foam production makes a significant impact on the overall carbon footprint.


Talk to an Expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team.

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