Optimize the production process, increase profitability and enhance final product quality.

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Omya's solutions for pipe manufacturing offer a comprehensive approach to improving product quality, exceed limitations in mineral loading and increase production efficiency.

The Omyacarb line of treated calcium carbonate products can be used to optimize the formulation and lower the total material costs of pipe production. The Omyalene product family, consisting of highly filled masterbatches, offers a solution for enhancing the mechanical properties of polyolefin-based non-pressure pipes.

Improve your process with Direct Addition, an approach offered only by Omya

Our continuous drive to support customers and our cooperation with selected partners led to the development of Direct Addition. In this unique approach, calcium carbonate is added to the PVC dry blend directly before entry into the extruder, using a specially developed cold mixer.


This is compatible with all PVC extruder types and improves both the process and the final product. Our technical team supports customers throughout the implementation process. 


How does Direct Addition work?

A special mixer is added on top of the extruder. Calcium carbonate is fed into this mixer using a separate feeder where an innovative mixing technology generates a homogenous blend of PVC and calcium carbonate.


Other materials can also be added using separate dosing units. This overcomes technical barriers to achieve a higher mineral level and quality.



  • PVC replacement lowers both cost and carbon footprint
  • Enhances the effectiveness of stabilizers and lubricants, therefore less additives required
  • Improves processability, increasing output at constant pipe quality
  • Excellent mineral dispersion leads to stable dimensions and improved mechanical properties
  • Treated Omya calcium carbonate improves pipe stiffness allowing downgauging or a higher SF4 class
  • Material cost reduction
  • Higher pipe-per-meter output with decreased material cost at constantly high quality
  • Optimization of dry-blend process and formulation adjustment according to needs

Talk to an Expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team.

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