Enabling a new generation of highly filled calcium carbonate masterbatch

Omyamax bags

High performance solution for compounders and converters

Omyamax is a new proprietary calcium carbonate that outperforms conventional grades by offering advantages in both compounding and converting.


Where output and dispersion quality are limiting factors in the production of highly filled calcium carbonate masterbatch, Omyamax can offer a performing and cost-effective solution for both compounders and final converters of polypropylene raffia, HDPE film for carrier bags, thermoforming sheets and other flexible and rigid packaging articles.

Cost optimized Masterbatch

Omyamax provides two opportunities for cost reduction during masterbatch production: firstly, it enables the output rates of twin-screw extruders to be increased by up to 35% without compromising the dispersion quality; secondly, it allows an increased filler level whilst maintaining the same compounding line output.


As masterbatch producers suffer from continued cost pressure and quality concerns, Omyamax allows producers to rocket the compounding output and increase the filler load without affecting the dispersion quality.


It increases the output of compounding lines and enables an increase of plant capacity without investing in new extrusion equipment. Masterbatch producers can decide whether they prefer to increase their line output or enhance the filler level in their masterbatch.

omyamax table

Figures based on Customer Business Case

Treated CaCO31600 kg/h1.6 bar/g5.9 g/10 min
Omyamax2050 kg/h0.8 bar/g7.1 g/10 min
 ✓+28%✓ excellent dispersion✓ improved rheology

Improved UV stability with Omyamax

Calcium carbonate addition in UV sensitive applications is usually limited to 3% because of its detrimental impact on the polypropylene UV-stability.


Lab and Industrial scale results have shown less polypropylene degradation when using Omyamax instead of conventional calcium carbonate, hence improving UV stability.


Due to its proprietary features, Omyamax limits the degradation effect on polypropylene, and consequently allows for a further cost optimization through a higher addition level of Omyamax.


Benefits of Omyamax:

  • Up to 35 % higher compounding output
  • Increased filler level
  • Outstanding dispersion quality (FPV)
  • Lower melt pressure
  • Less UV degradation in PP Raffia

Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical service team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. Our pilot compounding and production lines combined with our extensive testing laboratories enable process optimization and product innovation. 

Lower your carbon footprint with Omyamax

To establish robust data for lifecycle analyses, the IMA, a prominent industrial mineral organization based in Europe, has conducted an autonomous assessment of the emissions associated with producing various grades of calcium carbonate.


These calculations are specifically for industries involved in plastic processing and are based on the energy mix prevalent within the European EU27 region.

Carbon footprint of CaCO3


There are currently almost 30 grades of Omyamax available from 15 plants.