Omya Calciprill

Granulated soil conditioner made from high quality natural calcium carbonate

A bag of Omya Calciprill in a field

Why should I use Omya Calciprill?

Omya Calciprill is a 2 – 6 mm granulated soil conditioner that adjusts soil pH quickly and provides essential calcium nutrition. It helps growers maintain soil health and crop productivity by correcting soil acidity, improving soil structure, and maximizing nutrient availability. Omya Calciprill provides calcium to support crop growth and protect crop quality at harvest.

The benefits of Omya Calciprill

  • Corrects soil pH to the most productive level
  • Provides essential calcium to enhance crop quality
  • Maximizes utilization of key fertilizers
  • Applied easily with standard fertilizer spreaders
  • Enables precise variable rate application
  • Suitable for organic use

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

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What is Omya Calciprill?

Omya Calciprill* is a granulated soil conditioner made from high quality natural calcium carbonate.

Calcium (Ca)37%
Magnesium (Mg)0.6%
Granule size2 - 6 mm
Bulk density1.2 kg/l
CaO equivalent52%
Neutralizing value52

*Displayed values are typical contents – for detailed product information, please contact your agronomist.


“With Omya Calciprill, the plant growth is uniform. It delivers results that truly make a difference.”


        - Divonantas Sembiring Milala, Chili Farmer, Indonesia

How does Omya Calciprill correct soil pH quickly? 


Omya Calciprill is made of ultra-fine particles of natural calcium carbonate, granulated for easy application. The granules break down rapidly in soil moisture, allowing the fine particles to disperse through the soil profile.


The large surface area of the particles reacts quickly with the excess hydrogen in the soil, leaving the exchange sites on the clay humic complex to be filled by the calcium ions. This reduces soil acidity and improves soil structure within the season of application.

Calciprill composition chart

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Why is calcium nutrition important for crops?


Calcium is an essential nutrient for the formation of cell walls and membranes. A continuous supply of calcium is required by all growing crops, particularly at fruit set.


Omya Calciprill provides a readily available source of calcium nutrition throughout the growing season, preventing deficiency and protecting yield by improving disease resilience.

Relationship between Calciprill and disease

"Because the products are granulated, I can spread them over large working widths, speeding up the application process and reducing fuel consumption. I saw good results in the first year, so now I use Omya Calciprill regularly."


        - Michal Sobczak, Arable Farmer, Poland

How often should I use Omya Calciprill?

We recommend regular soil sampling to check pH levels in your soil, and then apply Omya Calciprill to raise soil pH  to the optimal level close to 7. Once soils are at the optimal pH level, Omya Calciprill should be used annually at lower rates to manage soil pH and maintain soil health. For specific advice to suit your circumstances, consult your agronomist.

Soil typeOmya Calciprill for pH maintaining (kg/ha/year)Omya Calciprill for progressive pH improvement (kg/ha/year)

What results can I expect with Omya Calciprill

Omya Calciprill is proven in independent trials to deliver highly efficient soil conditioning and calcium nutrition to crops.

"As the agronomist for Coopers Farm Supplies for the past 9 years, I find the Omya granulated products easy to use with less dust, allowing farmers to spread through a conventional cone spreader, eliminating the need to rely on contractors with large belt spreaders. This makes them a great fit for smaller landholders, enabling them to take ownership of their paddocks and do the spreading themselves. In conclusion, these products break down quickly, stimulate plant growth, and help feed soil microbes."


        - Adam Krahnert, Agronomist at Coopers Farm Supplies in South Australia