White and color masterbatch

Omya offers a wide range of mineral additives to enhance the dispersion of pigments in white and color masterbatches.

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A new pigment enhancement for the masterbatch industry

Omya offers a force multiplier with dual action into the polymer matrix.


With an action of pigment extension and dispersion improvement in addition to a self-opacity contribution, Omya makes it possible to improve and enhance the original pigment performance in the color masterbatch.


This enables masterbatch producers to ensure consistent, improved color across their production line.

color masterbatch

Improve color and performance without increasing costs

White masterbatches containing Omya calcium carbonate require less pigment to achieve equal opacity in final products such as films, sheets, and molded articles used for flexible and rigid packaging and industrial applications.


Masterbatch producers can improve their productivity and reduce costs while maintaining the efficiency of the product.

color masterbatch


  • Enhances pigment properties

  • Improves opacity

  • Supports continuous improvement for environmental, social and economic issues

  • Reduces carbon footprint 

Omya is committed to environmental, social and economic issues

Increasing the efficiency of resources while enhancing pigment properties is not the only benefit of using calcium carbonate from Omya.


As a leading global producer and worldwide distributor of specialty materials, we are actively working toward continuous improvement in environmental, social, and economic performance.


Omya provides value-added products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet the essential needs of current and future generations.


Omya products and solutions improve profitability by lowering raw material costs and increasing productivity.

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Talk to an Expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya calcium carbonate can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team.

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