Boost output and reduce costs without sacrificing containerboard strength.

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The addition of Omyaboard mineral filler to containerboard grades improves the efficiency of the dewatering process in the wet end of the paper machine. This allows producers of testliner or corrugated medium grades to either increase output or reduce energy costs for drying.

Maintain quality at higher speeds

Omyaboard filler creates a more open, porous structure in the base paper. This results in a reduction of specific steam demand or a higher machine speed at dryer limited machines.


We expect to deliver a 1% increase in output for every 1% of Omyaboard filler added. Customers are achieving good results by adding Omyaboard to existing recycled fiber-based packaging papers used as testliner or corrugated medium.

Reduce energy and processing costs

Where machine speed is already at a maximum, Omyaboard lowers the drying demand per ton of containerboard grades produced. It increases the porosity and permeability of the wet web, improving dewatering to provide savings in energy used for drying.  


Omyaboard also reduces conductivity and water hardness in the water circulation system of the paper machine, reducing maintenance costs. The replacement of recycled fibers with Omyaboard reduces furnish costs.

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Maintain consistent product properties

The substitution of recycled fibers with Omyaboard filler supports the consistent quality and mechanical properties of the containerboard. 


Stiffness, strength and dimensional stability are all positively affected by calcium carbonate fillers. Omyaboard also reduces the dependency on recycled fibers which are in high demand.

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Technical support

Omya’s technical specialists will support you in selecting and implementing the correct grade for your packaging requirements.

A sustainable solution for containerboard production

The replacement of fiber content with Omyaboard filler has many advantages, not least the reduction in demand for recycled fibers. Calcium carbonate is an abundant, natural mineral which is not energy intensive to produce and therefore lowers the carbon footprint of the papermaking process. 


It also improves production efficiency, improving dewatering, speeding up the process and reducing energy consumption. Finally, it promotes a circular economy by improving recyclability and biodegradability of the containerboard.

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Omya calcium carbonate is pushing boundaries in packaging board

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an acceleration in some buying behaviors toward e-commerce. 


As consumer behavior shifts in how goods are purchased and consumed, product packaging must change to match the new behaviors. Learn how Omya can help in the article below.

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