Omya Agrocarb

Fine calcium carbonate and dolomite powders for soil conditioning and plant nutrition. 

Choose the right grade for your farm situation 

Omya offers high quality calcium carbonate and dolomite, certified for organic use and available in a wide range of particle sizes for liming. 

Omya Agrocarb

Omya Agrocarb is a high-quality, natural calcium carbonate powder to condition the soil and enrich it with calcium for crop nutrition. It is available in a range of grades to neutralize acidic soils to an optimal pH and reduce aluminum toxicity. 

The benefits of our agricultural lime products

  • Provides essential calcium and/or magnesium to enhance crop quality
  • Corrects soil pH to improve nutrient availability and reduce aluminum toxicity
  • Improves soil structure 
  • Suitable for organic farming

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

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