A new pigment enhancement for the masterbatch industry.

White masterbatch in jars

Improve productivity and reduce costs

Omyaspace is used to optimize hiding power and opacity, mainly when applied to film, sheet, and molded articles, producing materials that are ideal for both flexible and rigid packaging as well as for industrial applications.


Masterbatch producers can either improve their system’s productivity or optimize cost by reducing the raw material requirements for both polymers and titanium dioxide.  

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Enhance the dispersion of pigments in white and colour masterbatches

Omyaspace increases resource efficiency whilst supporting the optimal dispersion and performance of titanium dioxide and colours in masterbatches.


Omyaspace optimizes the formulation cost of white and colour masterbatches by reducing the raw material requirements for polymers, titanium dioxide and colour pigments.  

dispersion of pigments omyaspace

Increased output and better pigment dispersion

Titanium dioxide concentrates and masterbatches containing Omyaspace benefit from better pigment dispersion, improved opacity yield, and a higher compounding output.


Omyaspace also enhances the quality of dispersion measured in terms of FPV (Filter Pressure Value).


Omyaspace users benefit from reduced wear on their machinery and metal components, as calcium carbonate is far less abrasive than titanium dioxide and other oxide pigments.


This means it extends the life of extruders, slitting machines, and all metal tooling involved in manufacturing plastic articles.


The benefits of Omyaspace

  • Higher productivity
  • Formulation cost optimization
  • Higher pigment efficiency
  • Better pigment dispersion
  • Less abrasion
  • Lower carbon footprint

Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. Our pilot compounding and production lines combined with our extensive testing laboratories enable process optimization and product innovation.

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Sustainability and reduced carbon footprint

Omyaspace has a significantly lower carbon footprint than titanium dioxide, colour pigments and polymers, contributing to an overall reduction of the carbon footprint. 


Calcium carbonate also meets the criteria for a renewable material.

Carbon footprint of CaCO3


Currently 17 grades are available from 8 plants.