OmyaPro Calcium 

A natural source of calcium nutrition for healthy crops. 

Why should I use OmyaPro Calcium? 

OmyaPro Calcium provides the crop with a natural source of calcium, essential for the structure and stability of cell walls. OmyaPro Calcium helps reduce disease incidence, improve plant resilience and protect yield. 

The benefits of OmyaPro Calcium 

  • Easy to apply with standard spray equipment 
  • Innovative formulation provides fast release of calcium and improved uptake
  • Strengthens the crop, improving disease and stress resistance 
  • Suitable for organic agriculture as 100% pure, natural mineral
  • Protects yield, quality and storability, maximizing profitability for the grower

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

What is OmyaPro Calcium? 

OmyaPro Calcium is a wettable powder made from 100% natural calcium carbonate for foliar application. 

Typical Product Properties
Chemical AnalysisCa36%
CaO Equivalent50%

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Why do fruit crops need extra calcium nutrition? 

A continuous supply of calcium throughout fruit set and development is essential for a high-quality harvest. Quality tends to be measured by appearance, so fruit that is firm, uniform in size, appealing to look at and without defects, will be more marketable. 


Deformed or damaged fruit, especially with deficiency symptoms such as blossom end rot, is less marketable. Successful calcium nutrition leads to greater cell rigidity and stability, improved firmness and a longer shelf life. 

Calcium supply vs disease graph

How should I use OmyaPro Calcium? 

OmyaPro Calcium is a wettable powder that is mixed with water to form a suspension of ultra fine particles. It can be applied using your standard spraying equipment and will not clog the lines or leave residue. 


Regular applications of OmyaPro Calcium support fruit development and set, reduce disease incidence and improve the plant’s resilience to stress.  For specific advice to suit your circumstances, consult your agronomist. 

Application chart 

How does OmyaPro calcium provide calcium nutrition to the crop? 

OmyaPro Calcium contains 36% calcium in a wettable powder for foliar application. The ultrafine particles form a rainfast, evenly dispersed coating, that improves the uptake of calcium by the crop. Regular applications provide a continuous supply of calcium to the plant, which is essential for crop productivity, harvest quality and storability. 

What results can I expect with OmyaPro Calcium?

OmyaPro Calcium is proven in independent trials to deliver a highly efficient source of calcium nutrition to crops.