Omyaqua Boost 

Highly reactive terrestrial calcium carbonate chips for drinking water.

Mineralization and pH adjustment to achieve international drinking water standards

Omyaqua Boost is a terrestrial calcium carbonate for the neutralization  and mineralization of drinking water. 


Its highly reactive chips offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to replace marine calcium carbonate. 

The benefits of Omyaqua Boost 

  • High reactivity 

  • Excellent purity 

  • Compliant with drinking water industry standard EN1018 

  • Long term availability  

  • Cost-effective alternative to marine calcium carbonate 

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Your questions answered

Omyaqua Boost is a sustainable substitute for marine calcium carbonate, making it ideal for drinking water treatment. 


It provides a similar performance to marine calcium carbonate but because of its exceptional porosity and reactivity it is more cost effective in use, offering significant savings to operators. 


It complies with EN-1018 standards, ensuring a superior level of purity whilst minimizing environmental impact.  

Omyaqua Boost is sourced from high purity terrestrial deposits of calcium carbonate, unlike marine calcium carbonate which has a significant impact on marine ecosystems when mined. 

Omyaqua Boost can be integrated seamlessly into existing installations, allowing a simple and straightforward switch from marine calcium carbonate to Omyaqua Boost.  


This makes Omyaqua Boost an appealing and effective choice for water treatment plants seeking to replace marine calcium carbonate.

The Omyaqua range includes Omyaqua, Omyaqua Boost, Omyaqua Pure, Omyaqua Dol, and Semidol. 

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