Omyabond 120

Sustainable productivity optimisation through moisture control.

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Advanced moisture management

Omyabond 120 reduces the amount of water throughout the industrial production for reactive adhesives and sealants without compromising their rheological and mechanical properties.


Its low moisture content and its optimized water pick up boost energy savings, productivity, and storage stability for SMP, Silicone, PU systems and all adhesive products which cure through ambient humidity.

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Performance beyond your expectations

Omyabond 120 stands out as a calcium carbonate based functional mineral used  for adhesives and sealants. 


It outperforms traditional rheological modifiers such as fumed silica, polyamide waxes and hydrogenated castor oils, as it also enhances elongation, improves elastic recovery, and offers superior workability in adhesives and sealants. 


Consequently, it matches the performance of UFPCC and performs as a rheological modifier in your formulations. 


Improved rheology and reinforcing properties

Omyabond 120 is a low moisture-treated calcium carbonate with a high specific surface area and is designed for use in reactive adhesives and sealants. 


While maintaining the reduced moisture content and optimized water pick up of Omya’s low moisture Omyabond series, the fine particle size brings a superior rheological profile combined with reinforcing properties. 


This means that the end product has high strength and elongation, sag resistance and good workability.



Benefits of Omyabond 120

  • Energy savings from lower mixing temperatures
  • VTMO reduction due to the low moisture content of the filler
  • Increased capacity due to shorter cooling times 
  • Simplified production through elimination of filler pre-drying  
  • Consistent moisture content even in high humidity regions

Sustainability and reduced carbon footprint

In an increasingly eco-conscious international society, the construction industry needs meaningful solutions which are reliable and sustainable. Efforts aimed at resource preservation, long-term durability and carbon footprint reduction must be balanced with their potential impact on manufacturing, energy costs and storage stability. 


Omyabond 120 minimizes the necessity for water removal, which lowers production and energy costs for moisture curing products.

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Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development.


With technical laboratories at our headquarters and dedicated regional technical service hubs in different regions, Omya offers laboratory analysis, reformulation support, and implementation assistance to customers worldwide.

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Customized optimization with Omya Flex

Omya Flex is a flexible product handling solution custom-built to fit and meet any requirement for an extensive selection of Omya products. We simplify product distribution and storage by providing both vertical and horizontal silos, along with an on-site slurrying solution. By minimizing the required space, costs, and time for silo delivery, commissioning, and construction permit processing, it is possible to eliminate the need for fixed anchoring and permanent foundations.

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