Engineered materials

Improving the quality of advanced material solutions for medical devices

Medical device on a hospital corridor

Engineered polymers play a crucial role in a wide range of hygiene and medical applications due to their versatility, durability, and biocompatibility. The production of medical equipment and consumables requires high-performance polymers and other engineered materials.  

High performance materials for components

Omya offers the broadest range of materials for internal and external components.


From outstanding strength, stiffness and chemical resistance in medical device housing to unmatched thermal resistance, long term compatibility and mechanical properties in medical device manufacture, our portfolio of materials delivers the performance healthcare professionals and patients demand.

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Global distribution for engineered materials

Omya has 30 years of technical sales experience and a deep understanding of the medical market.


We provide technical services and advice to help clients choose the right products and test them in use across the world.

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Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. Our pilot compounding and production lines combined with ourextensive testing laboratories enable process optimization and product innovation.

Medical device on a hospital corridor