Coating Pigments

Omya’s broad range of coating pigments and complementary products enable paper and board manufacturers to select the right coating formulation ingredients to deliver the required properties, working in combination with the substrate and production process.


Gloss is a key characteristic of coated paper and board, which is obtained by careful selection of minerals and thoughtful formulation of the coating color.


Omya’s range of pigments includes calcium carbonate as well as other pigments to deliver the required gloss for coated grades.



Choosing the right pigment package gives a uniform appearance with consistent coating layer coverage.


The right particle size ensures regular distribution, creating an even surface that enhances ink holdout and color reproduction.


Our coating pigments provide superior coverage for improved aesthetics and print quality.



Coating pigments have an essential influence on the brightness and hue of the final paper and board grade. Omya’s product range allows you to select the appropriate product to achieve the result you desire.


The combination of brightness characteristics and coverage effects of the specific products selected delivers ideal results.



High-speed printing operations generally demand well-defined absorption properties that require specific coating layer pore structure.


Our broad range of coating pigments, combined with comprehensive technical expertise, enables you to achieve the coating results required.



Omya’s calcium carbonate products can offer high brightness, opacity, and affordability.


Calcium carbonate enhances the paper's smoothness, printability, and visual appeal.


Its natural composition also makes it an environmentally friendly option, contributing to the sustainability goals of paper and board manufacturers.

Our calcium carbonate coatings are versatile and compatible with various paper grades and printing techniques, including offset, digital, and flexographic printing.


We will advise you about the specific formulation of the coating depending on the paper type and the intended printing method to ensure optimal adhesion, drying, and print quality.

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Coating pigment product solutions

Omya offers a broad range of coating pigments for paper and board.

Omya Aqurate

An assortment of pigments for white fiber replacement and excellent converting performance in packaging board.

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