OmyaPro Soil

Highly efficient calcium crop nutrition and soil conditioning.

Why should I use OmyaPro Soil?

OmyaPro Soil is formulated for irrigation systems to provide essential calcium nutrition to the growing crop. It allows growers to manage precise applications to improve crop resilience and harvest quality, as well as condition soil to optimal pH.

The benefits of OmyaPro Soil

  • Safe, flexible application of highly concentrated natural calcium for efficient plant nutrition
  • Fine particles react quickly to correct soil pH, increasing nutrient availability to the crop
  • Improves crop resilience against pests and disease
  • Easy to apply with conventional irrigation equipment
  • Allows variable dosing and precise application
  • Formulation targeted to improve crop quality and strength

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

What is OmyaPro Soil?

OmyaPro Soil is a wettable powder formulation with 38% calcium, derived from extremely fine calcium carbonate.

Typical Product Properties
Chemical Analysis Ca38%

How does OmyaPro Soil improve the crop’s resilience to stress?

OmyaPro Soil contains a pure source of calcium which is essential for the structure and stability of cell walls. Regular application of OmyaPro Soil throughout fruit development improves fruit set and quality, reduces the incidence of disease and increases the plant’s resilience to stress.


How should I use OmyaPro Soil?

OmyaPro Soil is mixed with water to make a flowable suspension that can be applied directly on the field using irrigation equipment.


Rates for calcium nutrition and soil conditioning will differ, so please contact us for specific application rate recommendations

how to use OmyaPro Soil

How does OmyaPro Soil improve soil health?

OmyaPro Soil is a highly effective soil conditioner, correcting pH to the optimal level quickly and improving soil structure. Its fine particles break down quickly in the soil, reacting with free hydrogen ions to neutralize acidity, and increasing the calcium content of the soil for improved flocculation.

What results can I expect from OmyaPro Soil?

OmyaPro Soil is proven in independent trials to deliver highly efficient calcium nutrition to crops.

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