Omya Aqurate

A modular system of calcium carbonate coating pigments to replace white fiber in paperboard applications.

Omya Aqurate gives packaging board manufacturers and converters the flexibility to adjust print performance and material costs to suit the evolving needs of customers. This innovative new system improves cartonboard and containerboard quality, sustainability and profitability.

Why is white fiber replacement important?

Brand owners need to create high quality printed product packaging whilst managing pressure from consumers to reduce carbon footprints, and from shareholders to maintain profitability. White fiber is widely used to ensure bright white paperboard, but it suffers from ongoing price volatility. 


Replacing white fiber with tailormade calcium carbonate from the Omya Aqurate system significantly reduces the material cost and the environmental impact of paperboard production. It also enables board lightweighting at equal or better print performance, saving transport costs.

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Choose Omya Aqurate for specific performance needs

The modular concept of Omya Aqurate allows for tailormade coating formulations and layer design to meet specific performance needs.

  • Reduces or replaces white fiber in liners and board 

  • Enables board lightweighting without losing print performance

  • Formulations available to suit all printing technologies 

  • Flexible solutions high quality printing and converting.

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Omya Aqurate HA

Ideal for inline flexo post-print (FFG) 


A unique pigment that allows instant ink fixation on the coated surface and excellent coverage.  Its high water-absorption capacity gives excellent print performance without intermediate ink drying.


Outstanding coverage means Omya Aqurate HA coated on brown board can replace white fibers completely. It is a well-received alternative to the standard performance of White Top Liner (WTL) and contributes to packaging and board lightweighting.

Omya absorption solution

Omya Aqurate HD

Ideal for flexo HQPP, Flexo pre-print, offset


This specially designed topcoat pigment enables photorealistic print that meets the highest demands of line sharpness, color density and clarity.


Omya Aqurate HD combines fast ink absorption, high brightness and good coverage making it the preferred choice for premium print results, even on latest generation high-speed flexo printing machines.

Omya high definition solution

Omya Aqurate HO

Ideal for offline flexo post-print, offset


This coating pigment offers best in class brightness and coverage for containerboard and folding carton grades.


Omya Aqurate HO provides excellent printability and enables manufacturers to reduce the white fiber top layer or, when applied in double-layer, fully replace white fiber with coating.

Omya opacity solution

Omya Aqurate MP

Ideal for water-based inkjet, inline flexo post-print (FFG), offline flexo post-print, offset

A topcoat pigment designed to deliver excellent results in water-based inkjet printing without a primer pre-treatment. It allows instant ink absorption, high line sharpness, and strong color density.


Packaging board manufacturers can easily add this new type of coating pigment to topcoat formulations for inkjet.

Omya multiprint solution

Customize coatings with Omya Aqurate

Our technical team will help select the most appropriate Omya Aqurate pigment type to suit the application.

Matching quality while saving money in paperboard production

Omya expert scientists have developed Omya Aqurate to meet the expectations of the world’s most popular and demanding brands. Print performance is key to delivering the best experience for consumers. 


This tailored range of pigments allows packaging manufacturers and printers to specify the quality they need and the flexibility to adjust the material components of the board.

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Improving sustainability in paperboard and packaging board manufacturing

Calcium carbonate is a natural, renewable material that is used to replace white fiber in paperboard production. 


Manufacturers can substitute or totally replace white fiber plies, saving on fiber cost and yield losses while reducing drying times and lowering the carbon footprint of the production process. 


Omya specializes in the development of innovative technologies using natural minerals to help customers meet their sustainability targets without compromising on quality or performance.

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