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Reduce carbon footprint, save money and improve performance with customized calcium carbonate functional minerals.

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Enhance paint properties with Omya solutions for decorative paints

Calcium carbonate can significantly improve the physical properties of paints and coatings. Choose from the wide range of particle sizes available from Omya's standard and functional minerals and select the package that meets your formulation goals.


Omya's technology can improve your coating while guaranteeing the desired improved wet scrub resistance and the right optical properties such as brightness, opacity and gloss.

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Boost opacity in paints

Opacity, also known as hiding power or contrast ratio, is the ability of a coating film to hide what lies beneath.


Omya calcium carbonate mineral fillers can be used to boost the opacity of decorative paint by enhancing titanium dioxide performance and supporting the even distribution of pigment particles. 


Adjust sheen values

Where a formulation requires matting agents to achieve low sheen values, modified calcium carbonates (MCCs) complement the performance of calcium carbonate-based products in coating systems.


Omya offers a range of matting agents to allow easy adjustment of sheen values at low addition rates, whilst also contributing to the opacity of the formulation. 

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Improve sustainability in decorative paints

Omya helps customers improve the sustainability of their decorative paints in several ways. Our ChameleoBoost Technology enables the partial substitution of titanium dioxide, whilst Omyamatt and Omyasmart are used to replace hazardous materials.


We have introduced fully recycled materials with Omyacycle and offer both improved insulation properties and weight reduction benefits with Omyaspheres.  Whichever Omya product you choose, there are sustainability benefits.

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A broad raw material portfolio

Omya partners with leading raw materials suppliers to provide customers with a portfolio of raw materials to enhance their formulations, including binders, dispersing agents, rheology modifiers, titanium dioxide and other additives.

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Why is calcium carbonate used as a functional filler for paint?

Calcium carbonate offers several benefits as a functional filler. It is a natural and renewable raw material that has a substantially lower carbon footprint than other fillers. 


Selecting the right Omya calcium carbonate filler can enhance opacity, add bulk and stability, and control gloss or sheen. Our range of mineral fillers enables paint manufacturers to adjust formulation performance, reduce carbon footprint and manage costs.

How does calcium carbonate lower the carbon footprint of paint production?

Ground calcium carbonate is a natural and renewable raw material. Since calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral, it does not involve any energy consuming chemical reaction, giving it a substantially lower carbon footprint than other fillers.

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What are the benefits of partial replacement of titanium dioxide with calcium carbonate in paint?

Paint manufacturers can realize significant cost savings, and improve whiteness, opacity and matting. By adjusting the ratio of titanium dioxide to calcium carbonate in paints we can reduce the overall carbon footprint, making calcium carbonate an essential mineral key to a low-carbon future.

Improve performance of your decorative paints with Omya’s range of fillers
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