Omya Neutrasorb LL

Natural calcium carbonate for lake liming and environmental remediation.

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Increase and stabilize pH to restore environments for life 

Omya Neutrasorb LL is a fine calcium carbonate range made with reactive chalk or porous limestone. 


It is mainly used in lake and river liming to increase and stabilize pH and then restore a living environment for fish and plants. 

The benefits of Omya Neutrasorb LL

  • High reactivity for rapid results 

  • Increases and stabilizes pH 

  • Neutralizes acidic pollution in watercourses and waste streams 

  • Restores a living environment in lakes and ponds  

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Why is environmental remediation necessary? 

Acidic pollution has a negative impact on soils, sludges, lakes and rivers. Omya Neutrasorb LL restores natural environments by increasing and stabilizing the pH. 

Where is Omya Neutrasorb LL used? 

Omya Neutrasorb is used to restore lakes impacted by acidic pollution, for example pyrite decomposition from mining, ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing.

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