Baking solutions

Multifunctional ingredients to fortify baked products such as bread, rolls and tortillas, and provide additional technological and sensorial benefits.
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Improve flour with certified natural minerals

Omya baking solutions are sourced from high purity natural minerals to improve the performance of baked goods. They offer health benefits in terms of increased calcium content, reduced acrylamide and powder caking.

Their properties can also be tailored to simplify production processes and improve the formulations of baked products such as bread, tortilla and cake.

The calcium ions in Omya baking solutions affect the yeast fermentation and the gluten structure, which are responsible for the quality of the bakery products.  Calcium carbonate also acts as source of carbon dioxide during baking, improving the crumb structure, texture and volume of the finished baked products.

Omya baking solutions are neither moisture sensitive nor hygroscopic, ensuring good stability and shelf-life. Their high content of elemental calcium also makes them a perfect calcium source for calcium enriched flour and baked goods.

Benefits of Omya baking solutions

  • Meet E170, FCC and UK bread and flour criteria 
  • Minimize dusting and improves flow 
  • Natural products with zero additives 
  • Simplify production processes 
  • Improve the quality of final baked goods 
  • Halal and Kosher certified 
  • Produced in a GFSI-certified manufacturing site 

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information. 

Flour and baking mixes

Omya baking solutions are high purity, safe, natural products that provide substantial elemental calcium with low impurities or heavy metal content. 


They allow free flowing formulations due to their tailored particle size and are low in moisture, preventing clumping and extending shelf life.

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