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Innovative ingredients for surface and fabric cleaning, reducing the need for harsh chemicals, improving the sustainability profile and providing cost benefits.

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Naturally alkaline, sustainable solutions for efficient cleaning

Omya offers a range of innovative ingredients for surface cleaners and laundry products. Our naturally alkaline solutions don’t need harsh chemicals, when a gentle but efficient cleaning effect can be achieved with different particle sizes and structures. Natural, sustainable minerals are ideal as additives in laundry powders, tablets and gels, helping to control viscosity in liquids, compression in tablets, and flow in powders. They also act as a well-established abrasive agent in surface cleaners.

Technical support

From the evaluation of competitor products to the development or improvement of new formulae, our technical experts will support you all the way. 


We offer prototyping for exhibitions and customers, characterization and stability testing for raw materials, and problem-solving support during production.

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Eco-friendly ingredients for cleaning products 

Omya calcium carbonates are natural, sustainable products with a low carbon footprint, providing efficient solutions for a range of surface cleaning products..

*Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative for availability.

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Thanks to their natural origin and subsequent customized technical treatment, Omya mineral particles offer a versatile range of benefits for numerous surface and laundry products. Our local supply of natural calcium carbonate brings benefits in terms of cost, sustainability and availability. Different particle size distribution and mineral origin allow for a gentle but efficient cleaning effect.

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