Adhesives and Sealants

Improve sustainability, optimize functionality and increase profitability with calcium carbonate functional minerals.

Omya calcium carbonate functional minerals make adhesives and sealants more sustainable, improve their performance and functionality, and allow for effective formulation cost optimization. Our products meet the needs of different chemistries and applications, and can modify rheology, improve mechanical performance and reduce the amount of water throughout the industrial production, thus allowing process energy savings and productivity gains.

Our dedicated team of experts will support you in achieving mechanical performance, however complex they may be. In addition, Omya offers a broad portfolio of complementary products for the adhesives and sealants industry, including lightweighting solutions, pigments, binder systems and additives. 

  • Bonding and sealing

    Reinforcing fillers and rheological modifiers for general construction assembly and bonding, including moisture sensitive application. Lightweighting solutions reducing the density of the adhesives & sealants.

    Omya bonding and sealing solutions - Hand caulking gun
  • Flooring

    A range of mineral fillers to improve elasticity in solid wood bonding whilst minimizing formulation costs. Lightweighting solutions reducing the density of the adhesives & sealants.

    Omya florring solutions - hardwood flooring installation
  • Glazing

    Coated and uncoated ground calcium carbonates to achieve optimal rheology and mechanical properties as well as fast curing.

    Omya glaizing solutions - Window frame

Learn more about Omya’s commitment to sustainability

At Omya, sustainability is the key to future success and the foundation of our products for construction world, since for us there is no innovation without the commitment to help build a more sustainable world.

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Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. With technical laboratories at our headquarters and dedicated regional technical service hubs in different regions, Omya offers laboratory analysis, reformulation support, and implementation assistance to customers worldwide.

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Your questions answered

UFPCC  are fine grades for improving the rheology and mechanical performance of the end product, as well as innovative moisture control technology developed for moisture sensitive reactive systems. 

Our solutions are bio-based, renewable and recyclable raw materials. 

They reduce carbon footprint, help solve moisture control problems encountered every day by producers during production and storage, and offer many other beneficial aspects, such as antimicrobial properties, thermal conductivity (for e-mobility), improved workability and lightweighting solutions. 

Low moisture calcium carbonate, with the Omyabond product family, leads to energy savings and productivity gains.

Our UFPCC offering helps you maintain control of rheological and mechanical properties. If you are looking for a label free solution for heat and light stabilizer for SMP systems, then we recommend AddWorks IBC760. 

Moisture reactive formulations are based on polymers, plasticizers, additives and fillers. This can reach up to 60% of the entire formulation, bringing with it a significant amount of moisture that must be removed, leading to further costs. Omyabond technology mitigates the necessity of water removal, lowering production and energy costs. 

Low moisture fillers can eliminate the need for chemical moisture scavengers, and/or reduce cycle times during adhesive and sealant production. This enables the customer to be more flexible during the production process. 

Omyabond 120 and 520 are designed to provide independence from ambient humidity and deliver reliable performance regardless of climatic conditions. 

Ultra fine fillers and performance minerals provide rheological modification and help to reinforce the mechanical properties of the adhesive, improving flexibility and mechanical integrity. 

Formulations enhanced with lightweight fillers have a lower final product weight, leading to transportation savings. Lightweight fillers also offer excellent insulation properties, due to their low thermal conductivity, saving energy use and costs to the consumer. 

Sealants provide significant energy savings by providing weather sealing, excluding drafts and making homes and buildings more energy efficient. Their life can be extended by using UV light stabilizers and antioxidants to help provide a long-lasting seal which will insulate buildings for many years without needing to be replaced. 

Sealants can also provide protection from both high and low temperatures, maintaining an adhesive join when the individual parts of a building expand and contract at different times of day or year. 

A trusted partner for global distribution   

Omya partners with leading manufacturers of specialty materials to offer a full portfolio of pigments, binders and additives to customers worldwide.


We distribute engineered materials as well as specialty ingredients, supporting customers with technical advice and application development.   

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Customized optimization with Omya Flex

Omya Flex offers a customized product handling solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of Omya products. With vertical and horizontal silos available, as well as an on-site slurrying solution, we streamline product delivery and storage. It's possible to eliminate the need for permanent foundations and fixed anchoring, saving space, cost, and time in terms of site preparation, building permit procurement, silo delivery, and commissioning.

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