Engineering Polymers

Enhancing the performance of mineral-modified engineering polymers.

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Improving ductility and isotropy 

Minerals such as Wollastonite, Mica and Talc are commonly used to improve the isotropy of glass fiber reinforced compounds, but at the same time they reduce the elongation and impact strength.


Omya Smartfill on the other hand is capable of improving simultaneously isotropy and ductility (elongation and impact strength).


Polyamide (PA)

Omya Smartfill, for example, improves the elongation and impact strength of PA 6 and thus offers cost advantages in the formulation of glass fiber and impact-modified compounds, as fewer glass fibers and impact modifiers need to be used.


Polycarbonate (PC)

Pigments and minerals lower the mechanical performance of non-transparent polycarbonate. For instance, when using Omya Smartfill, less titanium dioxide is required in white PC formulations, so that the impact strength of PC is significantly improved.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Calcium carbonate as a filler in ABS usually reduces elongation and impact strength. The development of Omyaspace offers a new opportunity for improving the cost and environmental impact of white and colored ABS.


Omyaspace 806 increases the ductility (elongation and impact strength) of white ABS while maintaining the same opacity and color values.


Formulating Engineering Polymers compounds with reduced carbon footprint

Omya Smartfill and Omyaspace have a significantly lower carbon footprint than polymers and pigments such as titanium dioxide.


By substituting polymers and pigments with Omya innovations for engineering polymers, the carbon footprint of the overall product is significantly reduced.

CO2 carbon footprint chart

Benefits of Omya solutions for engineering polymers

  • Improved ductility in PA and PC
  • Partial glass fiber and mineral replacement
  • Partial pigment and polymer replacement
  • Reduced Polycarbonate extrusion degradation 
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Reduced formulation cost

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