Water treatment technical support 

Omya offers consultancy and technical support to customers, from the assessment of site-specific issues to the recommendation and implementation of proven solutions.

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Omya Environmental Solutions helps both drinking water and wastewater treatment plants boost performance and hit sustainability targets. Our products replace conventional chemicals, improving safety and cutting operating costs.

Our services include

  • Initial consultancy and technical analysis of critical parameters
  • Recommendations for mitigating measures and operational improvements
  • Support in planning, execution and analysis of trials to validate performance deliverables
  • Engineering support for on-site implementation of final solutions

Drinking water consultancies

We help drinking water treatment plants switch to Omya products to save costs and improve operational performance. We offer product evaluation and characterization in collaboration with customers to reach mineralization or dehardening targets. We create simulation models to calculate optimal carbon dioxide dosages and contact times to meet water quality targets. 


Our portable “blue-box” can be provided for onsite trials to confirm our recommendations using customers’ actual feed water quality and site conditions. Once the solution is implemented, we provide on-site support for any potential issues.

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Wastewater treatment consultancies

For wastewater treatment plants, technical support is provided to determine the best way for customers to switch from quicklime or caustic soda to our sustainable wastewater treatment portfolio solutions. This includes calculations of dosages, modelling of final water quality and consultation for the most effective, storage and dosing equipment and process implementation to ensure success.


For short-term trials, Omya’s inventory of storage and dosing equipment can be supplied free-of-charge or alternatively rented for longer term operation. Follow up after implementation is a must and part of the additional support Omya offers to build the learning curve of our customers and monitor performance evolution for further optimization. 

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Equipment selection and supply

Omya will recommend suppliers to provide simple rented equipment for trials. For specific tools such as slurry make down units, Omya can provide in-house equipment.  


We help customers to identify and implement the most effective option to move into a permanent set-up. This could include the customer acquisition of associated equipment.

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