Refined calcium carbonate grades for high-quality PVC profiles with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Improved performance at a reduced cost

Omya’s Hydrocarb solutions offer significant advantages in the production of PVC profiles, particularly window profiles, as they can be added at much higher levels than regular mineral fillers. 


With dedicated grades for different needs, our products offer improved mechanical properties, such as impact resistance, along with enhanced durability and weather resistance. 


Omya fillers allow better process consistency and higher production output at a reduced cost.

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Lower your carbon footprint

Our Hydrocarb® XP is a new generation of calcium carbonate for PVC window profiles, designed to allow a further increase in mineral loading. This not only improves the performance of the profiles but also reduces the overall production cost.


In addition, the use of Hydrocarb® XP in window profiles can lower the overall carbon footprint, as it allows the replacement of a significant proportion of higher carbon footprint materials, such as PVC and lower the need of other additives.

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  • High process consistency and production output
  • Total material cost reduction and formulation optimization
  • Improved mechanical properties and impact resistance 
  • Enhanced durability and weather-resistance
  • Excellent surface gloss 

Talk to an Expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate can support you in in the production of PVC profiles, you can speak to our expert team. 

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