Polymer Packaging

Enhancing performance across films, thermoformed and molded products.  

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Discover Omya's innovative calcium carbonate solutions for the packaging industry, enhancing performance across films, thermoformed and molded products.

Our range of products addresses the need for sustainable packaging, material cost reduction and process optimization.

Biopolymers packaging

The advantages of using calcium carbonate in biopolymers are comparable to those in polyolefins, with tear and dart drop resistance in films and increased stiffness in rigid packaging.


In addition to all other advantages, there are significant cost reductions and environmental advantages. 

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Extrusion coating

Omya grades for extrusion coating meet high process requirements in demanding products such as dairy and aseptic liquid packaging.


With its controlled particle size and superior surface coating, Omyafilm has excellent dispersibility in masterbatch production and extrusion coating. 

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Film and sheets

In the packaging industry, Omya offers a range of innovative solutions dedicated to the needs of film and sheet production.


Omya calcium carbonate grades provide enhanced mechanical properties, increased productivity and reduced energy demand.

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Omya offers a range of options to enhance the performance and efficiency of molding applications.


Calcium carbonate products are available in a variety of particle size distributions and treatment technologies, meeting specific application and customer needs.

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Woven tapes

Omya’s fine-ground and treated calcium carbonates provide superior mechanical properties and improved economics.


Omya products are used in PE and PP woven bags, weaving tapes and tarpaulins to offer antisplitting and anti-fibrillation effects. 

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Talk to an expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya calcium carbonate can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team. 


Sustainability in packaging

Omya supports the development of eco-friendly packaging without compromising mechanical properties or processability.


With a low carbon footprint of only 54 kg CO2 eq, calcium carbonate saves energy and reduces carbon footprint during the production process.

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