Breathable films

Calcium carbonate for breathable films with excellent processing and water-vapor transfer properties.

Breathable films play a pivotal role in enhancing comfort and functionality across a spectrum of hygiene and medical applications, including surgical gowns, baby diapers, and feminine care and adult incontinence products.  

Improve user comfort

Breathable films, strategically employed as back sheets, revolutionize user experiences by enabling superior water vapor transmission rate.


This ensures better breathability for the human skin, providing better user comfort.

Cute and funny baby boy wearing diaper bending over

Optimized functionality and reduced defects

Polyolefin films with highly engineered calcium carbonate from the Omyafilm range significantly reduce the defects in film, optimize the membrane functions, improve mineral dispersion and reduce the carbon footprint of production.


Omyafilm is also non-skin sensitizing and non-skin irritant.

Five layer moisture absorbent sheet has a moisture retention layer along with an excellent breathable layer

Seamless masterbatch and compound production

The integration of calcium carbonate takes place during the masterbatch/compound production stage. Our team of technical experts collaborates closely with our customers to optimize the masterbatch/compound production and fine-tune critical film properties.


This iterative process unfolds within our cutting-edge laboratories, ensuring a seamless transition to full-scale production.

Breathable film production line

Bringing sustainability into breathable films

Incorporating calcium carbonate allows breathable films producers to reduce the amount of virgin polymer in the process. The inherent natural occurrence of calcium carbonate eliminates the need for energy-intensive chemical production, releasing fewer Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) than virgin polymer production.


To establish sound numbers for lifecycle analysis studies, the industrial mineral organization in Europe IMA has conducted an autonomous assessment of the emissions associated with producing various grades of calcium carbonate. 

Low carbon footprint of 300kg of CO2 equivalents per ton of surface treated natural ground calcium carbonate

Technical support

We offer solutions with proprietary Omya technology for all regions and applications. Our technical experts will support you at your site, from our regional labs, and with our MDO line.


 We focus on breathable films by expanding our product offerings geographically as well as by developing solutions for future needs.