A range of sustainable calcium carbonates to improve performance and sustainability in fibers and nonwovens production.

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Omyafiber is an innovative mineral solution that enables fibers and nonwovens producers to reduce their carbon footprint and raw material costs whilst enhancing product properties.

It is a high purity, calcium carbonate enriched with Omya exclusive proprietary treatment for polypropylene (PP), polylactic acid (PLA) and polyester (PET) fibers and nonwovens.

Omyafiber in nonwovens production

Omyafiber is the outcome of a comprehensive collaboration spanning the entire nonwoven market value chain. It offers a distinctive combination of enhanced qualities and cost savings elevating the overall values of fibers and nonwovens.

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Benefits of Omyafiber

  • Replaces polymer in nonwovens to reduce carbon footprint 
  • Increases whiteness and opacity of the final fabric 
  • Provides natural cotton-like haptics and softness 
  • Delivers substantial cost savings in raw materials. 
  • Proven processability on various industrial lines 
  • Certified as a renewable raw material source. 
  • Food contact approved. 
  • Certified non-skin irritant and non-skin sensitization. 

Omyafiber for masterbatch compounders

Omyafiber uses proprietary technology to ensure efficient compounding and mineral dispersal in the final application.

  • Tailored particle size and distribution provide excellent dispersion 

  • Proprietary surface treatment for enhanced processability and optimized polymer compatibility.

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How is Omyafiber incorporated into fibers and nonwovens?

Omyafiber is incorporated into the nonwoven in the form of a masterbatch, which is introduced into the fibers and nonwovens production process.


Omyafiber ensures excellent mineral dispersion in the polymer matrix, eliminating potential concerns during production.


Originally designed for polypropylene fibers and nonwovens, we have extended the same innovative technology to suit PLA and PET based fibers and nonwovens. 

Masterbatch compounding for fiber and nonwoven production

Technical support for nonwovens production

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. Our pilot compounding and production lines combined with our extensive testing laboratories enable process optimization and product innovation.

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Bringing sustainability into nonwoven applications

Calcium carbonate is a natural, renewable mineral used as a mineral modifier material in fibers and nonwovens. Incorporating calcium carbonate allows producers to reduce the amount of virgin polymer in the process.


The inherent natural occurrence of calcium carbonate eliminates the need for energy-intensive chemical production, releasing fewer Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) than virgin polymer production.


Omyafiber has a lower carbon footprint compared with synthetic polymers. Replacing 10% of the polymer with calcium carbonate reduces the final product CO2 equivalent by 9%.


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To establish robust data for lifecycle analyses, the IMA, a prominent industrial mineral organization based in Europe, has conducted an autonomous assessment of the emissions associated with producing various grades of calcium carbonate.

These calculations are specifically for industries involved in plastic processing and are based on the energy mix prevalent within the European EU27 region.


Omyafiber is available globally.

Index People's Prize Award for Omyafiber

Omyafiber 800, the innovative new calcium carbonate filler for polypropylene spunmelt and dry-laid nonwovens has won the Index People´s Prize Award 2020.


Awarded by EDANA association, the prize recognizes the product’s performance in improving haptic properties and reducing costs.


Omyafiber 800 complies with food contact regulations and is non-skin sensitized.  


Omyafiber MB165-CBN certified for composting

Verified by TÜV AUSTRIA, Omyafiber MB165-CBN has been certified as suitable for industrial composting.


Omyafiber MB165-CBN is a masterbatch containing high purity calcium carbonate designed for PLA nonwovens.


It is proven to be biodegradable in industrial composting plants and complies with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EEC).

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