A versatile raw material to lower manufacturing costs: Omyawood, the alternative to traditional wood fibers.

Balance raw material use and costs

Omyawood is based on readily available, consistent calcium carbonate to balance raw material needs and cost aspects in fiber board production. This unique solution has been designed to be easily applicable, safe in use and versatile.  It allows MDF and HDF manufacturers to significantly reduce raw material and processing costs.

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15% fiber substitution

Adding Omyawood to wood-based panel products allows for up to 15% fiber replacement by weight whilst maintaining key mechanical properties. These results can be achieved on existing production lines with minimal process or equipment changes.

The higher your achievable fiber substitution level, the lower your manufacturing costs - 1


  • Concept proven in industrial applications
  • Reduction of raw material and processing costs
  • Calcium carbonate is readily available, consistent and easily applicable
  • No major equipment changes required
  • Key panel properties are maintained
  • No impact on surface finishing

Talk to an expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in wood-based products production, please speak to our expert team.

Helping you balance the use of natural resources

Calcium carbonate is natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, with a considerably lower carbon footprint than other industrial minerals. 


It enables producers to balance raw material sourcing, reduce dependencies on wood as the main component of the end-product, and maintain competitive advantage in a challenging industrial environment. 


Omya’s contribution to engineered wood products helps preserve trees through wood substitution.

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